CJEU rules that authorities may access personal data from electronic communication providers for criminal investigation purposes

“Shell personal data” such as surnames, forenames, and addresses can be accessed by national authorities in the course of a criminal investigation  “when the interference that such access entails is not serious, that access is capable of being justified by the objective of preventing, investigating, detecting and prosecuting ‘criminal offences’ generally.”

Facebook reports data breach.

Yesterday, Facebook reported that it was a victim of an attack on its computer infrastructure which had exposed the personal information of about 50 million users. This breach was the largest in Facebook’s history.

 Information Rights Strategic Plan: Trust and Confidence 2018

ICO latest newsletter states “(…) people have woken up to the importance of personal data and how it’s used. Personal data has become the currency by which society does business, but advances in technology should not mean organisations racing ahead of people’s rights – individuals should be the ones in control.”