Why you should attend the PPR Conference

In our busy professional environment, usually defined by interactions being carried out mainly at the social media level, we often forget how important it is to establish live face-to-face synergies with others from our business community.

I learned that being an engaged member of the PPR can offer many benefits.  There is a massive potential in connecting to other active PPR members. Many people assume that being just a member of the PPR is enough, however, to take full advantage of your membership, you need to be engaged and participate in meetings such as the annual conference.

Paralegals are busy people, so taking a day off from the office to attend a conference can be seen, by an inattentive person, as a waste of time.  However, it is not the case; the PPR annual conference might be just what you need to grow your legal business further.

No matter how experienced lawyer you are, lifelong learning is indispensable for the development of every career.  Working in the legal industry can often be isolating, and without contact with a broader scope of points of view, you will undoubtedly miss novel ideas and trends that can impact your future results.  The educational aspect of the PPR conference, exposing you to new ways of conducting your business, must be seen as an essential tool that you can take advantage of. You will also gain 7 CPD points, awarded by the PPR by attending the conference and two workshops, from a vast choice of sessions covering from GDPR to Professional Practice.

Furthermore, the PPR conference will provide you with an excellent opportunity for networking.  Often peers from other regions can become valuable resources for referrals, advice and even best-practices.  By being an active member of the PPR, you are building a reputation as an expert in your field of law to both your peers and your clients.  You may even be asked to speak at future events or to engage in writing articles for future publications.  People generally like to associate with the experts in the industry and your clients (or employers) will feel proud about doing business with someone who is acclaimed by their peers.

Professional conferences are more important than ever; its power comes from the human-to-human interactions that occur, acting as an engine for the sector’s growth and development.

I hope to see you on the 12th of October in Wyboston Lakes.

You can find a link to the PPR 2018 conference here.

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